Poetry and Hymns: Music to My Heart and Soul!

Two of my favorite things are reading and writing poetry along with singing and reading hymns. Both of these things ease my mind and give me a sense of peace. Now when I read poetry I read several different genres but my utmost favorite is Christian poetry. Some of the folks I enjoy reading are Michael Wigglesworth, William Cowper, John Newton, Isaac Watts, Anne Bradstreet, and Charles Wesley.

My favorite Christian poet to read from though is George Herbert. Today I wish to share with you one of his poems that I believe fits well into the Advent season as look forward to celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ in a few short weeks.


Let foreign nations of their language boast,    
What fine variety each tongue affords:          
I like our language, as our men and coast:      
Who cannot dress it well, want wit, nor words   
How neatly do we give one only name             
To parents' issue and the sun's bright star!    
A son is light and fruit; a fruitful flame      
Chasing the father's dimness, carried far       
From the first man in th' East, to fresh and new
Western discoveries of posterity.               
So in one word our Lord's humility              
We turn upon him in a sense most true:          
     For what Christ once in humbleness began, 
We him in glory call, The Son of Man.

Hymns are another form of poetry in many ways. Tomorrow I will share with you a favorite hymn of the Christmas season. Keep looking for God in your every day life. He is right there. Do you recognize Him.

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